GTEK Fuels Franchise

GTEK Fuels, is a Franchised Business Model for the GrahamTek Systems Waste-to-Fuel Production Facility. It meets a significant gap in the demand for Synthetic Fuel in South Africa. Currently the Department of Energy has as an objective to replace 2% of imported Diesel with Synthetic Fuels. This equates to approximately 30 Million Litres of Diesel per month – a product demand that is presently not being achieved.

There is an immediate opportunity to participate in one or more of the available 30 Franchised locations throughout South Africa. Each such Franchised location will produce approximately 250 000 Litres of GTEK Fuel per month, derived from approximately 400 tons of Hydro Carbon Plastic Waste. The full production of the Franchised location is collected and distributed through approved channels under contract with GTEK Fuels.

The business model is flexible and allows for the formation of various partnerships in the various Franchises. Individually owned Franchises stand to gain significant annuity income streams from fixed income producing contracts. A flexible Franchise model allows individuals and entities to choose a business model most suited to them; these include from simply owning a Production Unit, to Operating a Production Unit and even Supplying materials to a Production Unit. 

GTEK Fuels Partner programme 

Successfully integrating and managing the expectations of a number of interdependent but independent stakeholders unlocks the potential of the GTEKFranchise. These stakeholders are:

  • Asset Owners – Entities who have funded one or more GTEK Production Units and who are seeking a long term fixed return on investment, with asset security. 
  • Land Owners – Entities with suitable land in suitable zoned location that has invested in suitable licensing to carry on the business of waste treatment seeking an increased return on their investment for leasing land to a GTEK Production Unit.
  • Feedstock Owners – Entities that has access to Feedstock and either has to pay a premium to landfill the suitable feedstock or does not have sufficient off-take for Feedstock seeking (a) an income from processing waste into suitable Feedstock and supplying such Feedstock to the GTEK Production Unit at competitive market rates paid for such Feedstock or (b) seeking a saving on landfill cost of Feedstock.
  • Production Unit Operators – The intent is to create additional job and business opportunities for smaller producers. These producers may not necessary have access to the capital to invest in owning a Production Unit and this business model therefore provides the opportunity to operate a GTEK Production Unit owned by one ore more Asset Owners. This is an excellent opportunity for start-up BEE owned enterprises that operate the GTEK Production Unit as an individual business, seeking a regular income using safe and defined operations and procedures.
  • Product Clients – Entities that seek access to the GTEK Fuels and production byproducts with a need to have consistent supply volume, quality and chemical composition at a reasonable price. These entities need the ability to have recourse if such GTEK product causes damage to equipment or if such product does not meet specified quality standards.
  • Product Brokers – Entities that have access to clients that promote and market the GTEK Fuels and byproducts to their client bases. These are typically large volume contracts that provide a security of income but needs to be produced by one or more Production Unit in order to meet the volume requirement. Product Brokers are sales incentive driven and drive the sales into the network that starts the business cycle of the GTEK Franchises.
  • Product Distributors – Entities that are used and appointed by Product Brokers/Clients to store/warehouse, transport and deliver product from GTEK Operators to Product Clients seeking product that meet their regulatory requirements and can utilize their infrastructure for a fee.





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