William "Koerie" Graham - Executive Chairman

William Graham is qualified in Mechanical and Electrical engineering, and has 40 years’ business experience both in South Africa and abroad. During his career he has received many global accolades including the global water quality award in 2008, the South Africa Chamber of Business award for highest technical manufacturing and exporting business - Western Cape, and finalist as Exporter of the year 2003 in the Western Cape. 

As a result of more than 20 years of R&D William Graham has achieved several breakthroughs in water purification and desalination; his inventions in this field are world-renowned and are currently still active in many regions across the world. Three key inventions of his have made it possible to produce potable water from almost any source – in particular seawater – on a commercially viable basis. Another breakthrough was the reduction in overall energy required to sustain osmotic pressures necessary to remove the ionic constituents from seawater. The Electro Magnetic Field Device (EMF) patent also prolongs membrane life significantly, and reduces the replacement cost over the lifespan of a desalination plant. Mr Graham, with his patented process, recently became the first person to reduce Boron levels in desalinated seawater from 6ppm (parts per million) – considered a health risk by the World Health Organisation (WHO) – to below 0.6ppm, the allowable levels in potable water. 

The name William “Koerie” Graham is world-renowned and is synonymous with the desalination process and the industry in general. He has been instrumental as principal consultant, advisor or technical specialist on water purification systems in more than 16 countries covering a total of 130 installations producing in excess of 168 MLD (Megalitre per day).

   Julius Steyn - Chief Executive Officer

Julius Steyn is an experienced international business executive & turnaround strategist. His experience of organisational leadership, principal consultant and C-Level positions spans 24 years and he received the Africa Business Leadership Award in 2014. 

He is accustomed to and effective in senior-level executive roles, making high-stakes decisions and overcoming complex business challenges. He has a decisive, interactive, motivational management style with a pragmatic approach to problem solving.

Tom Callaghan - Business Development

Tom Callaghan has extensive sales and marketing experience both locally and internationally and is responsible for Business Development across the GrahamTek Group. His creative solution based thinking and idea generation are key in our client centric approach to global business development.

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