GrahamTek is a manufacturer, global distributor and owner of its patented water purification, water desalination, waste-to-energy and waste-to-fuel systems. The technologies and intellectual property we implement have been developed within the group and are covered by patents, with some patents having a 20-year global track record. We are growing our international footprint and revenue streams, through establishing multiple distribution channels, strategic partnerships and by forming alliances with other global players.

".....GrahamTek does not rent a Patent … GrahamTek Creates, Demonstrates and Proves new Patents … Constantly … Globally …” 


Value from our Patents & Intellectual Property

We have invented, developed and own valuable and proven patents that can:

  • A total of more than 35 Patents, Patent Applications and Registrations, some of which have undisputed global rights, have been listed against the name of Mr William Graham (Chairman of GrahamTek) as the exclusive inventor. 
  • The results of commercialisations as well as other implementations and applications of these patents and technology are well documented and published in various reports and research studies globally. We include these results and some of those case studies on this website for reference purposes. 
  • GrahamTek through its innovative approach continuously develop and implement new technologies for the benefit of its clients.

We are Global 

  • We will remain a company with global business objectives that will benefit our shareholders and stakeholders.
  • With our patents and intellectual property, we aim to be within five years, a notable global contributor to the new green circular economic initiatives, by manufacturing, distributing and owning high quality systems that assist our clients to cost effectively Reduce their reliance on scarce water and fossil fuels through our Recycling, Reuse and Recovery techniques.

Growth through Partners

We will continuously build strong global partnerships and alliances recognising the interdependence between our competitors, suppliers, complimentors and clients to achieve our business objective.

Growth through Evolution

We will continuously evolve the technologies used in our patents and develop new uses and applications of the technology in cooperation with our stakeholders.

Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee is based on the principle that we are not a mere integrator of technology but the technology company that researched & developed, owns and manufactures these patented solutions. The solutions require know-how that the company possesses and are able to apply to the client’s unique needs in order to provide cost effective custom solutions that meet exact requirements.

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