GrahamTek Capital is the division that assists our clients with funding for their large scale capital projects. The typical funding solutions include off-balance sheet finance, equipment rental options, operate and transfer, operate and maintain and other structured finance solutions. Our finance solutions consider the various multi lateral and bilateral agreements as well as tax concessions for the type of equipment that we provide in the various countries that we operate in. We are also able to refinance existing infrastructure and to combine such refinance options with upgrades and improvements implementing our latest technologies to provide a cost effective solution to our clients. 

GrahamTek Capital offers the following benefits:

  • It assists our clients to focus on their core business, removing complex none-core equipment with high CAPEX and OPEX demands off-balance sheet.
  • It gives our clients security by knowing that GrahamTek assumes ongoing and full responsibility for these high value equipment units utilised in client operations.
  • It allows for scalability of client operations, clients are able to “experiment” with technology prior to making long term high value commitments for new processes or operational expansions.
  • It allows our clients to leverage existing infrastructure through refinancing options to upgrade equipment.

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