GrahamTek has global experience in Designing, Building, Installing and Operating Water Treatment facilities to the World Health Organisation Standards and is the inventor of more than 33 Patents that are recognised globally and in use by global licensees. Being the inventor and originatora of the technologies provides our clients with a critical advantage. It enables us to properly assess the client’s need and unique circumstances and we are able to adapt the technology to the specific client circumstances, which ensures a working long lasting solution.

"GrahamTek does not rent a Patent … GrahamTek Creates, Demonstrates and Proves new Patents … Globally” 


Our experience & technology covers the following feed water: 

  • Seawater
  • Brackish Water
  • Sewage (Waste Water) 
  • Mine Drainage Water
  • Agricultural and Industrial  
Currently GrahamTek equipment produces more than 168 Million Litres of potable water in more than 130 locations and 16 countries – each day, while our technology is installed, under licensed conditions, in more than 160 locations, amongst them some of the largest Desalination Plants globally which produce in excess of 800 Million Liters of potable water each day.  


Proven Technology

Most countries provide water as a basic human right, as such these countries want to ensure that water supply is secure, reliable and most of all cost effective. GrahamTek has passed several global and independent validation assessments in terms of its equipment performance. These validations and results are provided here for reference. GrahamTek continues to improve its products and technologies through its innovation hub, and in recent years we have developed the SuperFlux® technology that has the following benefits to our clients:

  • Reduces energy consumption by more than 35%,
  • Increases membrane life by up to 30%,
  • Reduces operating footprint by more than 40% (with less environmental impact),
  • Reduces CAPEX by approximately 38%,
  • Provides remote real time monitoring and equipment management in operations.

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We are able to assist in upgrading Ageing & Dysfunctional Water Treatment Facilities by way of a retrofit implementation of our technology. Using off-balance sheet financing arrangements we are able to avoid large capital expenditure for our clients and simply charge on a “per-use” basis of the equipment.


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