“…GrahamTek 16" technology can be witnessed in more than 130 installations, with this technology in use at the some of the largest Public Sector Desalination Plants globally as well as Mining, Oil & Gas, Shipping & Ports, Heavy Industry and Agriculture…providing upwards of 768 Million Liters per day...” 

Some of GrahamTek’s global experience in the application of  16" RO Intellectual Property and technology is outlined below. Most large scale projects such as these would be done in partnership with other Strategic Partners and specialist engineering firms.  

 Singapore Public Sector

Client: Public Utilities Board (PUB) – Bedok (Singapore)
Capacity: 56 000m³
Feed water: Waste water
Application: Drinking water to Singapore

As the national water agency, PUB is responsible for the collection, production, distribution and reclamation of water. GrahamTek set up a 700m³/day Pilot Plant at the Bedok NEWater Factory to compare the performance of our 16” RO membranes with PUB’s existing 8” RO membranes. The pilot testing achieved stable operation over 18 months. To date, the performance of the membranes has been satisfactory in terms of conductivity and TOC, with the values of the permeate comparable with that of NEWater’s existing 8” RO system. Click here for a technical report. Data from the Pilot Plant at NEWater also consistently shows that our 16” membranes produce flux rates double that of traditional 8” membranes. This translates into significant reductions in equipment cost and footprint. As a result the GrahamTek 16” RO membranes are now operational in the 55000m³ /Bedok NEWater expansion.

Singapore Private Sector

Client: Powerseraya (Singapore)
Capacity: 10 000m³
Feed water: Seawater
Application: Process water for power station and drinking water supply
This is a Singapore-based energy company. While their core business is centred on generation and retailing of electricity, they have become a diversified energy company – supplying utility services such as electricity, steam and cooling water. They also provide fuel oil storage tank leasing and terminal services, engage in oil trading and produce water through Reverse Osmosis Desalination for their own use or for sale to their large industrial and commercial customer base.

Israel Public Sector

Client: Israel Public Utility
Capacity: 627 000m³
Feed water: Seawater
Application: Drinking water
GrahamTek was a consultant on this project and completed the first technical demonstration units. The project was completed using the GrahamTek 16” RO design. This fully operational plant is presently the second largest desalination facility globally. 

Dubai Public Sector

Client: Dubai Public Utility
Capacity: 600m³
Feed water: Seawater
Application: Drinking water
GrahamTek accepted an invitation from His Excellency Mr Abdulla Mangoosh, Director of Department of Water Resources Studies of the Office of His Highness the President, to undertake a test at the Bainouneh site in Abu Dhabi. The technology trial proved that it is effective even with the hard water conditions which exist in the vicinity of the Gulf.


Oil & Gas Private Sector

Client: Viking Offshore – Takoradi Port – Ghana
Capacity: 1 000m³ currently increase to 2 000m³ 
Feed water: Seawater
Application: Drilling, liquid mud & drinking water

Ghana boasts one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Their oil and gas sector has a strong growth potential. Since the discovery of new oil fields, the country has witnessed a significant rise in its production capacity, with the sector making increasing contributions to the country’s overall GDP. Another market opened to supply purified water for drilling ships and rigs, and to the liquid mud plants. As a result GrahamTek won the bid to install a 5 000 m³ facility at the Container Handling Port of Ghana. This will be increased to 20 000 m³ subject to the port’s expansion completion. 


Mining Private Sector

Client: Anglo New Vaal Colliery (Vereeniging) – South Africa
Capacity: 15 000m³
Feed water: Mine wastewater
Application: Cooling water supplement for power station

The GrahamTek systems are designed to treat wastewater from water intensive mining operations such as tailings, washing, cooling and other water related mining processes. It results in a secondary water supply on the mines, relieving pressure on the public sector supply. 
Our technology can be used in a number of industrial applications to create sustainable cost-effective water supply on mining operations. 
GrahamTek designed the first containerised mobile water treatment plant. GrahamTek designed the first containerised mobile water treatment plant, patented this design,  and then installed the world’s largest mobile RO plant at the time. In this plant, mine water acid drainage (resulting from production processes and rainwater runoff), is used through the GrahamTek 16” RO modules to provide feed water to the mine’s power station. The mine outsources the operation and management of this system to a third party


Municipal Public Sector

Client: Sedgefield – South Africa
Capacity: 1 500m³
Feed water: Seawater
Application: Drinking water for the residents of Sedgefield

Situated along the Garden Route, this small coastal town relies strongly on tourist income. During 2009, the town was not able to meet the water demand during the December holidays. GrahamTek was awarded the tender, and  due to the sensitive marine bioregion a comprehensive study was done on the application and use of the GrahamTek technology. The result was a very positive report indicating negligible impact on the environment and coastal biodiversity. The municipality outsourced the operation and management of this plant to a third party.


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