".....GrahamTek does not rent a Patent; GrahamTek Creates, Demonstrates and Proves new Patents, Constantly, Globally …” 

Category of Technology

The GrahamTek technology is specifically aimed at Water Treatment solutions. Our technology solutions commence at the Feed Water intake (Post Pre-Filtration) point and ends at the Bulk Product Water Distribution Point. GrahamTek therefore purely focus on the Water Treatment process on a commercial scale with a specific focus on:

  • Large Industries: Mining, Oil & Gas and Food & Beverage; 
  • Quasi-Government Organisations such as: Harbours and Ports;
  • Public Sector Infrastructure: Waste Water Treatment Facilities, Bulk Water Supply from Desalination facilities; 
  • Emergency Relief: Mobile units that can provide immediate relief to communities of up to 5000 persons in remote disaster or emergency locations;
We believe by addressing the need of larger organisations we can maintain the economic drivers of the country and relief pressure on government infrastructure that is required to serve the population.  

Own Patents & Intellectual Property

GrahamTek is the inventor of the global 16" Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology. It therefore uses its own patented designs of the 16” RO vessels – this was historically seen as a disruptive technology and to a degree it is still seen as a disruptive technology today. The reasons being the restricted Intellectual Property and Knowledge of how to ultimately capitalise on the design of a larger RO vessel. Knowing how to implement this technology and to create the full turnkey design is the advantage held by GrahamTek. The diagrams below indicate the comparative Treatment Facility size between standard 8” and the GrahamTek 16” designs.

Increased Membrane Life

Using a new specialised Cleaning In Place (CIP) process unique to the GrahamTek 16” RO vessels, GrahamTek is able to reduce the negative effect of CIP and extend the life of the Membrane. The process is linked to the remote maintenance management system and uses an automated intermittent forward-reverse water flow process to remove solids from the membrane at predetermined flux levels. It requires the electronic management system of GrahamTek to be included in the system design, this further reduces damage to the Treatment Plant due to operator errors. 

Remote Management Technology


The GrahamTek wireless Management System takes advantage of the latest sensor technologies and enables GrahamTek and its client, to remotely operate the system and monitor critical parameters that ensure a continuous water product quality and water demand matching. The system enables the client to optimise energy use and electricity cost while operating the system according to specific operational goals. It implements decision support tools for predictive and pre-emptive maintenance modelling. The software technology utilises open architecture that enables the integration with other software management systems. The open architecture ensures that the client is not locked into a single supplier of Water Treatment solutions. 

Environmental Impact Assessment

The GrahamTek product range has been extensively tested and monitored in very sensitive ecological locations. The comprehensive independent reports gave clear guidelines on the use of the GrahamTek system, cleaning of membranes and the effect of these processes on the marine bioregion. These reports assessed the water intake and discharge wells and made specific recommendations in the event of the GrahamTek system not operating as specified. However should the system continue to function within the specified range then no mitigating action is required to sustain and protect the marine bioregion. The conclusion of these reports indicated that the overall effect of the GrahamTek product solution is negligible on the marine bioregions. GrahamTek is therefore confident to use these reports in location and site specific areas to ensure that the GrahamTek systems maintain and support a sound ecological balance. 

Non-Disruptive Maintenance

Not only does the sophisticated management system provide for a predictive maintenance programme but the GrahamTek Modular design principles allows for a bulk water supply plant to be maintained without complete disruption to the provision of Water Product. The design allows for any one of a number of modules to be shut down or temporally removed from the supply or source while the other modules maintain the production loads to supply the product requirement. This design principle protects water authorities and down stream equipment that rely on the constant water supply. 

GrahamTek Readiness

GrahamTek is therefore ready to assist and support Water Research Commissions to practically demonstrate its systems any currently Aged or Dysfunctional Water Treatment Facilities.


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