Regional Agency

The GrahamTek Regional Agency is the easiest least risk model to gain access to this market space. 

The Agent

  • Our Agents has pre-existing relationships with the decision makers of one or more potential Strategic Partners. 
  • Agents can expect sufficient Training and Product Knowledge to enable them to interact with the decision makers at Strategic Partners, in order to secure and maintain the Strategic Partnership.
  • Agents are in most instances not required to be involved with or manage the technical deliverables of any project.
  • Agents are able to track deal and potential deal pipelines through the online secure web tools of GrahamTek.
  • Agents are supported by the GrahamTek Sales Development Reps (SDRs) situated at head-office in Cape Town. The The Agent designs his/her outbound prospecting strategy and plan, and the SDR executes it on behalf of the Agent (e.g. cold calls, appointment setting, email/ social media campaigns, researching leads, prepare custom sales material) with support and guidance of the Agent.
  • Due to the nature of GrahamTek’s operations and marketing strategies it receives daily product Enquiries/RFI’s/RFP’s and similar from potential Strategic Partners. Through an internal evaluation process, these potential Strategic Partners are evaluated and become qualified. Strategic Partners are then associated with a Regional Agent on a Sector and Regional basis. The objective being to enable our Agent to gain a new Strategic Partner account to develop or provide a new client to an existing Strategic Partner. 
  • Agents can expect Exclusivity Rights on a Sectoral and/or Regional basis subject to performance. In all instances Agents are guaranteed exclusivity with respect to their Strategic Partners and Value Add Resellers (sourced and introduced by them).
  • Agents are able to progress, subject to performance, to a Regional Representative Office status and gaining additional qualifications from GrahamTek.
  • Agents sell at fixed regional pricing strategies and receive commission based earnings that are of a Annuity and/or Capital nature.  
  • Our Agents will benefit on all deals closed by Strategic Partners and Value Add Resellers even if those deals originate by the Strategic Partner / Value Add Reseller itself and/or GrahamTek

Agency Cost

A minimal fee is charged for Agency Rights. This fee is payable upon acceptance of the Agency Agreement and covers training, marketing and sales material and the first year of SDR services.

The Role of the Agent

  • To serve as a lead generator to Strategic Partners.
  • To build a network of Strategic Partners and Value Add Resellers.  
  • To maintain up to date knowledge about GrahamTek and its products.
  • To ensure that Value Add Resellers have the support in terms of Sales Material and technical specifications of all GrahamTek products.
  • Ensure and support Strategic Partners to close deals from inbound leads referred to Strategic Partners by GrahamTek.
  • Ensure and support Strategic Partners to close deals from leads referred to Strategic Partners by the Agent.
  • Ensure that Strategic Partners include GrahamTek products as Complete Solutions in a minimum level of RFI’s/RFP’s/Tenders through efforts of the Strategic Partner. 
  • Ensure that Value Add Resellers include GrahamTek products as Complete Solutions in a minimum level of Sales through efforts of the Value Add Reseller.

Agent Support Kit

  • Standard Sales Docs (Company / product overview, price sheet, etc.)
  • Case studies for each industry vertical
  • Security Policy
  • Confidentiality Agreements
  • Code of Conduct
  • Standard Contracts and Related Legal information
  • Presentation Decks
  • Links to video content
  • Training and Product Webinars
  • Agents have access to updated information in an organized and easily accessible, cloud based file sharing system.
  • Agents can and should use the GrahamTek marketing materials (White Papers, Case Studies, Website Content, etc.)
  • Agents has access to the GrahamTek resources to create custom sales materials.
  • Agents have access to relevant real-time (or near real-time) data on a daily and weekly basis to provide insight into how GrahamTek and the Agent and Strategic Partner Network is performing.
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