Regional Office 

Successful Agents and or Value Add Resellers can apply for a Regional Office License. This provide additional financial reward to successful Agents and Value Add Resellers. Over and above the establishment fee for a Regional Office, the applicant is required to have demonstrated an acceptable level of success in promoting and selling the products of GrahamTek. The applicant is required to establish a physical office infrastructure on GrahamTek standard and guarantee operational expenses for such an office for at least 12 month period. The establishment fee is payable upon acceptance of the Regional Office Agreement and covers training, all conference and exhibition marketing and sales material as well as a year of SDR services for all agents of the Regional Office.

Our Regional Office Structure

  • A Regional Office has extended Agency & Value Add Reseller Rights and Obligations.
  • A Regional Office gains significant financial benefits from Regional Profit Sharing models. 
  • Regional Offices functions under the GrahamTek brand and effectively represent the GrahamTek brand and Trade Marks in a specific region. 
  • All regional Agents reports to the Regional Office.
  • The Regional Office is required to grow sector segmented agents. 
  • The Regional Office is required to set and drive sector segmented sales targets in the region through the existing and extended Agency network.
  • Regional Offices are supporting GrahamTek in terms of regional price models, marketing strategies, sales, site/equipment operations, outsourced manufacturing and maintenance of equipment. 
  • Regional Offices are required to host and attend related conferences and events.
  • Regional Offices are required to identify additional client basis and applications of the GrahamTek products.

Regional Kit and Support Services

  • Standard Sales Docs (Company / product overview, price sheet, etc.).
  • Case studies for each industry vertical.
  • Security Policy.
  • Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Code of Conduct.
  • Standard Sales Contracts, Agency Agreements, Strategic Partner Agreements and Related Legal information.
  • Presentation Decks.
  • Links to video content.
  • Training and Product Webinars.
  • Regional Offices & Agents have access to updated information in an organized and easily accessible, cloud based file sharing system.
  • Regional Offices & Agents can and should use the GrahamTek marketing materials (White Papers, Case Studies, Website Content, etc.).
  • Regional Offices & Agents has access to the GrahamTek resources to create custom sales materials.
  • Regional Offices & Agents have access to relevant real-time (or near real-time) data on a daily and weekly basis to provide insight into how GrahamTek and the Agent and Strategic Partner Network is performing.
  • A full Conference and Exhibition Event promotional kitts and material.
  • Access to a supporting budget for Exhibition Event attendance. 

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