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GrahamTek products fall in a category with high Solution Design and Marketing complexity. Even though GrahamTek has Standard Off-the-Shelf solutions and products that can be deployed quickly and globally, the deployment & operation for these  product applications requires Skill and Knowledge. Similar to all our large scale projects, the Skill and Knowledge of these solutions requires a high degree of Technology and Systems Integration. With this approach we provide an effective and lasting client solution. GrahamTek therefore acknowledges the value that its Strategic Partners contribute to the end user solution and in most instances our clients are these suitably Qualified and Experienced Systems Integrators, Engineering Companies and Consulting Firms. There are instances where the end-user Client contracts directly with GrahamTek, in such cases GrahamTek cooperates with the Client’s engineering team and or consultants to deliver a complete Product Solution. While our Strategic Partners are responsible for the more complex elements of each project, our Agents and Value Add Resellers act as the “glue” that maintains the relationship between GrahamTek and its Strategic Partners. Our Agents and Value Add Resellers are our primary sources to secure new and maintain existing Strategic Partnerships. They are a valuable and integral part of our value chain. 

The GrahamTek Strategic Partners are our primary Clients. These are a highly select group of global tier one Civil Engineering, Consulting, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Mining, Food & Beverage, Pre-filtration, Membrane Manufacturing and similar companies. By forming strong bonds with these companies we are able to assist these companies to provide technical and product solutions to their clients. We have strong qualifying criteria for partnering companies that join the GrahamTek Membership on an invitation only basis. Interested companies wanting to join this select group of Strategic Partners and capitalise on our technology solutions may contact us for detail discussions. 

".... Our Strategic Partners gain significant financial benefits through our partnership arrangements ....."

Our Strategic Partners

  • Can expect full training in the use of GrahamTek Technology and access to its Proprietary Knowledge Base. This provides Strategic Partners with a specific Competitive Advantage in their market space.
  • The Partnerships delivers Complete Product Solutions by combining the Core Product/Services of the Strategic Partners with those of GrahamTek. 
  • The Design Teams of Strategic Partners are therefore empowered to provide Complete Product Solutions to their clients, capitalising on the Intellectual Property pertaining to GrahamTek’s internally designed global patents, product experience and designs.
  • Our Primary Objective is to provide our Strategic Partners with a Sustainable Market Leadership position, using the critical Product & Price Differentiators of GrahamTek.   
  • GrahamTek does not compete on price with its Strategic Partners and Strategic Partners can expect a fair and reasonable regional pricing strategy that will assist them with excellent Price Mark-Up opportunity. 
  • GrahamTek contracts directly with Strategic Partners on each specific project for the design consulting, product build, ship, install & commissioning of our products. 
  • Strategic Partners can rely on the GrahamTek Product and Performance Warrantees, Delivery and Installation Guarantees as well as Product Maintenance and ongoing support.  
  • Subject to the business of the Strategic Partner, Exclusivity Rights are provided on a Sectoral and/or Regional basis. In all instances Strategic Partners are guaranteed exclusivity with respect to their clients.   
  • Due to the nature of GrahamTek’s operations and marketing strategies it receives daily product Enquiries/RFI’s/RFP’s and similar. Through an internal evaluation process, these “leads” become qualified. Qualified leads are referred to the most appropriate Strategic Partner associate Agent and Value Add Reseller on a Sector and Regional basis. The objective being to enable our Strategic Partner to gain a new client and provide a Complete Product Solution.

Strategic Partners Achieve

  • A Joint and Complete Product Solution that is repeatable, scalable, and delivers a quantifiable ROI to the Partnership. 
  • Validation of the Complete Product Solution through joint brand associations.
  • A system for acquiring delivering / distributing the Complete Product Solution in a value added manner for the partners in the chosen market segments.
  • Value add to the end user experience of the Complete Product Solution.
  • A mutually beneficial partnership that will result in both partners committing adequate resources to the partnership.

“… Strategic Partners are empowered to provide Complete Product Solutions to their clients …”

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