Value Add Reseller

Value Add Resellers are business entities that are already functioning in the product space of GrahamTek either down stream or upstream. A value Add Reseller can provide a more comprehensive product solution to its customers by joining this program of GrahamTek. 

Our Value Add Reseller 

  • Our Value Add Resellers are typically suppliers and or service providers to the product industries that we serve.
  • Value Add Resellers has pre-existing relationships with the decision makers of one or more potential Strategic Partners. 
  • Value Add Resellers can expect sufficient Training and Product Knowledge for their Sales Teams to enable them to interact with the buyer/decision makers at Strategic Partners and clients of the Value Add Reseller.
  • Value Add Resellers are able to combine their existing product offering with the GrahamTek product offering in order to be more competitive, provide a more complete Product Solution to Strategic Partners and/or Clients. 
  • Value Add Resellers can expect Exclusivity Rights on a Sectoral and/or Regional basis subject to performance. In all instances Value Add Resellers are guaranteed exclusivity with respect to their Clients and Strategic Partners (sourced and introduced by them).
  • Value Add Resellers are supported by the GrahamTek Sales Development Reps (SDRs) situated at head-office in Cape Town. The The Value Add Reseller designs its outbound prospecting strategy and plan, and the SDR supports the Value Add Reseller by preparing any custom sales material and or pricing modules where applicable
  • Due to the nature of GrahamTek’s operations and marketing strategies it receives daily product Enquiries/RFI’s/RFP’s and similar from potential Strategic Partners. Through an internal evaluation process, these potential Strategic Partners are evaluated and become qualified. Strategic Partners are then associated, if no Regional Agents exists, with a Value Add Reseller on a Sector and Regional basis. The objective being to enable our Value Add Reseller to gain a new Strategic Partner account to develop or provide a new client to an existing Strategic Partner. 
  • Value Add Resellers are able to progress, subject to performance, to a Regional Representative Office status and gaining additional qualifications from GrahamTek.  
  • Value Add Resellers receive GrahamTek products at fixed regional pricing strategies and receive structured rebates and commissions that are of a Annuity and/or Capital nature.

Value Add Resellers Gain

  • A Joint and more comprehensive Product Solution that is repeatable, scalable, and delivers a quantifiable ROI to the Value Add Reseller. 
  • Validation of the comprehensive Product Solution through joint brand associations.
  • A system for acquiring delivering / distributing the comprehensive Product Solution in a value added manner for the partners in the chosen market segments.
  • Value add to the end user experience of the comprehensive Product Solution.
  • A mutually beneficial partnership that will result in both partners committing adequate resources to the partnership.

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